Why Pratik Reels?

"Like the wheels of a Luxury Sports Car propel it to astounding speeds, reels from Pratik drive the Wire & Cable Industry forward progressively."

Consistency of quality is a byproduct of adherence to standards and safety; being aware of the inherent concerns of safety considering the weight and movement of the reel, every reel is subjected to phases of monitoring, inspection, and testing. We feel proud when producers of Wire or Cables manufacturing machines proudly say that their machines can move at high speeds of more than 30metres per second, because reels from ‘Pratik’ move along with them too at those speeds, withstanding the heat, wear, and tear through time.

Years' Experience
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With cumulative engineering experience of 25+ years, the founders and makers of Pratik Reels are committed to Trust & Innovation

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Presence in more than X cities with clients, collaborators and service providers forever expanding our reach.

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Our customers grow at an exponential rate on auto-mode, with gratitude to our continual value-for-money service, quality and innovation.

Reels Manufactured
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Pratik’s reels are driving the growth of the metalliferous industry globally. Every reel dispatched goes into machines that yield thousands of products in return.


About Us

Pratik was established in 1985 in Vadodara, India and started off by manufacturing vessels, electric panels, augers for oil mills and taking up small but challenging engineering jobs. Some engineering assignments introduced us to the Wires and Cables Industry of India, where we saw a clear demand of locally made reels and bobbins, which were mostly being imported earlier. In 1995, we started manufacturing reels and bobbins for wire and cable industries.

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Industry We Serve

Pratik Wires and Cables Machines Pvt. Ltd. supplies solutions for the manufacturing of Wires & Cables used in Industrial, Transportation, Civil, Communication, and Energy applications. During these three decades, we have continuously invested in the development of new technologies and know-how to satisfy the requirements of the Wires and Cables sector, with the goal of global growth.

By continued collaboration with all major wire & cables and machinery manufacturers, Pratik’s solution providing capabilities are at par with the real needs of the market. Apart from guaranteeing superior quality, efficiency, and safety control of process. This communication also extends to our customers, therefore opening the road to technical innovation, which ensures growth of experience by all parties. In addition to reels and spools, we also supply accessories and equipment for their safe handling.

Backed by adept engineering skills, streamlined manufacturing facilities and logistics collaborators located in countries around the world, Pratik is a global manufacturer on a mission to transform the wire and cables industry.


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